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Looking for a data platform that offers the opportunity to explore, discover, and evaluate new datasets in a seamless and intuitive way? The newly launched S&P Global Marketplace may be a good option for you. S&P Global is a provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, and analytics in the global capital and commodity markets, offering ESG solutions, deep data, and insights on critical business factors. In a modern digital...
Companies eager to maximize the value of their digital data are taking small steps to establish the strong foundational policies and practices needed for managing data. Three areas of activity are emerging, according to a recent report from IT trade association CompTIA: First, companies are evaluating the sources of their data, how it flows through the organization, and how often it is processed for analysis. Next, companies are...
Many countries across North America and Europe are entering phase three (management) of the coronavirus pandemic, expected to last from mid-May through the end of the year 2020 and into the year 2021. During this phase, pandemic management protocols (PMPs) – ways of working, traveling, socially congregating, and connecting – will have to be constructed and maintained by governments, companies, schools, and all...
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